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Polyester fiber acoustic panel→Special Sound Absorbing Materials for Kindergartens2018-12-08

Polyester fiber acoustic panel→Special Sound Absorbing Materials for Kindergartens

We need to consider that kindergartens are mostly children. When choosing sound absorption panel to achieve effective sound absorption effect, we also need to consider whether fire retardant, environmental friendly materials Zero formaldehyde release. Children's skin is delicate, playing and hitting after class is unavoidable, so when choosing the sound absorption panel, we should consider the use of soft materials, good density sound absorption panel, can reduce friction, will not let the children bump into the time of injury.

Why is polyester fiber sound absorbing panel suitable for kindergarten?

1. It is moisture-proof, mildew-proof, not easy to deform, light in weight, and will not collapse.

2. Polyester fiber sound absorbing panel is a new type of environmental friendly sound absorber, which can effectively absorb noise, especially in dealing with medium and high frequency sound, with obvious sound absorption effect.

3.More modeling Selection ,making spray painting, pattern,more color selection,it can provide children with a warm, warm and loving comfortable environment, which is also what parents expect.